Ronda Miller, Founder, CEO

Ronda began working in the Point-Of-Use (POU) water purification market in 1997 with one of the first Innowave (now Waterlogic) dealerships in the US. Having worked in retail sales previously, he enjoyed the challenge of being a pioneer in this new market. Over the next several years Ronda excelled in sales and sales management placing nearly 1400 POU water purification systems in businesses throughout the state of Tennessee.

In 2004 Ronda accepted a position at Pure Health Solutions Inc.(PHSI), a manufacturer of premium POU water coolers with a focus on reverse osmosis and ozone water treatment, as a regional sales manager. In this role Ronda provided training and support for all aspects of a dealership including sales, operations, talent acquisition and service management.

Shortly after the acquisition of PHSI by a private equity firm, Ronda made the choice to move on and accepted a position as regional manager for Puronics, a distributor of Point-Of-Entry (POE) residential water treatment equipment. While this opportunity allowed Ronda to expand his knowledge in the field of water treatment, he never lost his enthusiasm for the commercial POU business. After a successful year at Puronics he returned to his true passion selling POU water systems with the largest PHSI dealer in the US and then with a manufacturer of both bottled water coolers and POU water systems.

In January of 2019 Ronda decided to take his 20+ years of experience in the POU and POE water purification industry and launch Aqua Essentials LLC. Aqua Essentials is a seller of POU/POE installation components as well as premium POU water coolers from Borg & Overstrom, designers and makers of world-class drinking water solutions headquartered in the UK. Aqua Essentials focuses on providing unparalleled customer service and sourcing the highest quality components in the world. From our UV resistant fittings and tubing to our direct chill and sparkling water coolers, you can rely on Aqua Essentials to help with all of your POU water purification needs.

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